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Bay Area is a community of leading Nordic professional talent with the experience, skills and creativity needed to tackle your company’s toughest marketing and growth challenges.

Who we are

Bay Area is a Nordic network of hand-picked freelancers from around the Baltic sea. We want to help our clients grow by providing them with a wide variety of marketing and business growth services. Becoming a Bay Area freelancer is difficult by design; we want to ensure that you will get the best in brand strategy, copywriting, photography or whatever your company’s need is. 


What we offer

Bay Area freelancers represent the top talent in their field of expertise. They can work independently or form great teams when needed. With an average of eight years in experience and a proven track record of working successfully with demanding clients, we can deliver the results your company needs. 


We believe that the Nordics can be the world’s example when it comes to frictionless work. Every company will have the utmost freedom to choose the right talent to work on their projects – and every talent will have the utmost freedom to choose which projects to work on.


We are on a mission to remove friction, inefficiency and every stumbling block inhibiting the creation of value between individuals, projects and companies.


Bay Area is a Nordic network of experienced freelancers. We have pre-selected the best professionals to help you with strategy, development, design and production. We promise to provide top quality services with no hassle.


Bay Area is headquartered in downtown Helsinki, Finland. The name references the Nordic Bay Area – comprising the Nordics, Baltics and St.Petersburg – whose businesses our freelancer network serves seamlessly, both locally and remotely.

Bay Area was founded in 2020 by Juhani Polkko, also known as the founder of the PR agency San Francisco and the data-driven startup database and media Startup100

“Since Nordic culture is founded on fairness and equality, we firmly believe that by advancing businesses’ global mindset, we can also promote our cultural values around the world. That is why we are sharing our expertise, contacts and best-practices for our excellent freelancer community and the New Nordic growth companies in the form of the Bay Area network.” 

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Juhani Polkko
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Nina Enroth
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