Top 3 event marketing platforms for organizing your next online events


The new “normal” is here to stay. Online events can only become more and more popular as it grants people easy access to the events no matter where they are organized. In this article, you can find the 3 best marketing platforms to organize your virtual events successfully. 

Marketing tools for content creation to grow your business


Content Marketing plays a critical role in persuading customers to take action that benefits companies. The old saying “content is king” is more relevant now than ever. But what do you need to create compelling content? It’s all about working with the best tools. Read on and see what you can do with content creation tools to grow your business.

Computer-generated Imagery: a viable alternative to image production

Very recent technological developments have made computer-generated imagery (CGI) a viable alternative and, sometimes superior to, traditional photo- and cinematography. Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is the application of computer graphics in various areas, from fine art to commercial films. Printed media, video games, computer animation and visual effects (VFX) in films, television programs, and commercials have […]

3+1 tips for working with freelancers

New relationships are exciting – you form an opinion when you first decide to swipe left or right, have some expectations for the person, but it is not until the first date or maybe the first six months of knowing each other that you really know if it was a match or not. Although work […]

Website Planning: 9 Practical Steps For An Efficient Website


Website planning is often confused with web design planning. But the two concepts are entirely different. Website planning is creating a blueprint for your entire website creation process. A web design process is often a subset of a website planning process. Website planning includes everything that happens after the thought “my business needs a website” […]