ELY grant for marketing planning & service design

ELY Center’s Business Development Services (Yritysten kehittämispalvelut) is a government grant for Finnish SMEs to support their growth plans with strategy and marketing development services. You can now apply for a 75% grant to work with Nordic Bay Area.

Business Development Services – to whom and how does it work?


Finnish SMEs with a revenue less than €50 million.

75% support

The remaining cost per consulting day is €325 + vat.

2–5 consulting days

Granted 2–5 days at a time, max 15 days within 3 years.

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How to apply?

1. Get in touch with us, and we will send you the instructions and have a quick chat about your needs: juhani@sanfrancisco.fi

2. Fill in the application. It only takes 15 minutes, and that’s all the paperwork you need to do!

3. ELY will process the application within a few days and grant 2-5 days with one application (up to 15 days is available within 3 years). Then we can start the work!

Read more: yritystenkehittamispalvelut.fi

Note! Nordic Bay Area is San Francisco Oy’s business unit. San Francisco Oy is a service provider at ELY Business Development Services, in Analysis and Consulting.

Marketing planning

Creating a marketing plan that crystallizes the most important messages and helps you find efficient ways of communicating with your target groups.

Brand development

Analyzing how customers see your brand. Pinpointing areas of development and creating a smart plan for improving the brand.

Service design

Customer-oriented design of marketing communications, brand or product/service. The end result is a clear idea of the value you bring to your customers and the next steps for development.