Go-to-Market plan and action

We analyze the situation, create a strategy and plan, and help you launch with a bang. Check how we helped Deel with their Go-to-Market in Finland!

Go-to-Market strategy and plan

1: Understanding

Assessing the business goals and strategy. Reviewing current marketing & communications – past activities, as well as assets, channels and product offering. Understanding the current external environment.

2: Strategy

Based on set goals and findings, creating required strategic marketing communications elements, ie. defining target audiences, creating key messaging, and deciding on marketing communications tactics.

3: Plan

Concrete plan for reaching key target audiences and meeting other goals. A clear plan for execution, division of responsibilities and timeline. Creating a structure on how to handle everything as efficiently as possible.

Go-to-Market activities


We discover the appropriate local networks and find ways to connect you with the right people in them.

Organizing events, joining local hubs or associations, hosting panel discussions – whatever works best in your case. We make it happen.


Building awareness of your company or brand through marketing communications activities such as PR, influencer collaboration, or a creative campaign is one way of entering a new market and starting to build lasting relationships with a local audience.

Lead generation

Our performance marketing experts help with building your local pipeline. Working in sync with other go-to-market activities, this is a way of gently guiding the relevant leads towards your product or service.

Go-to-Market plan and action

3900 Starting price for planning
  • Understanding
  • Strategy
  • Plan


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