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Content Marketing plays a critical role in persuading customers to take action that benefits companies. The old saying “content is king” is more relevant now than ever. But what do you need to create compelling content? It’s all about working with the best tools. Read on and see what you can do with content creation tools to grow your business.

Content Marketing plays a critical role in persuading customers to take action that benefits companies. The old saying “content is king” is more relevant now than ever. But content creation is one of the trickiest aspects of marketing. Developing impactful content is about grasping trends, customer interest and much more. When done right, marketing content resonates in the hearts and minds of customers and prompts them to think about your business.

But what do you need to create compelling content? It’s all about working with the best tools. Read on and see what you can do with Canva, Figma, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and Headliner, and start creating awesome content today.


If you are not an expert in designing, Canva is a great tool for you. With hundreds of templates, icons, photos, etc. you can easily choose the suitable one for your content. Canva has numerous designs for different categories such as presentations, Instagram posts, posters, videos, logos, and so on. 

Canva has 3 plans: Free, Pro, and Enterprise plan. The price of the Pro Plan is €11.99/month for up to 5 people + a free trial for 30 days. For the enterprise plan, you should contact the sales of Canva.

Pros of Canva:

  • Easy to use. All you need to do is choose the template, icon, photos, drag and drop.
  • Reasonable price.
  • A huge collection of templates and layouts.
  • Auto-save while you are designing, which prevents you from losing your work.
  • A variety of downloaded formats such as PNG, JPG, PDF, Video MP4, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Easier to remove the background of the image with just one click. However, this feature is not available in Free Plan.

Cons of Canva:

  • The online presentations in Canva are not working smoothly all the time. Therefore, it would be better if you download it in the PDF format.
  • After designing a presentation in Canva, some positions of the image and text, or the fonts are not in the right place or not available when downloading in PowerPoint format.


Figma is famous for its vector graphics editor and prototyping tool. Figma is more suitable with designers since it doesn’t have numerous templates for you if you are not familiar with designing.

A good news is that Figma still has a community where you can duplicate and reuse another user’s templates. However, as mentioned earlier, there aren’t numerous designs for you to freely choose. But in some aspects, it can help you to refresh or give you some inspiration for your designs.

Figma has 3 plans as well, namely a free, professional, and organization plan. A Professional Plan costs $12 per editor/month billed annually or $15 month-to-month. The price for the Organization Plan is $45 per editor/month billed annually only.

Pros of Figma:

  • Real-time collaboration with your teammates.
  • Some advanced animations like GIFS and smart animate can be used for detailed interaction, motion designs, and so on.
  • Multiple export formats: PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF
  • Activity logs: admins can easily see the record of members’ actions in Figma to ensure the organization is secure (only available in Organization Plan).

Cons of Figma:

  • Quite high price
  • Not a suitable tool for beginners

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop provides users with lots of functions to edit and create an image. This tool is powerful where you can transform your image to higher quality that hardly any other tools can do. 

If you want to make your content and photos stand out from others on social media, you should use Photoshop to make them unique rather than using some available templates on other platforms. However, this tool requires users with some set of skills and knowledge to use it as it’s not easy to use in the beginning.

But don’t panic, Adobe Photoshop has lots of tutorials on its website where you can learn how to use the tools by yourself. The tutorials are divided into 2 categories: beginner and experienced. 

Adobe Photoshop is offering a free trial for 7 days, then the price is $20.99/month (this price is only for individuals, not for business). If you want to use other Adobe tools with 20+ creative apps such as Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro, Illustrator, etc., it’d be better if you choose the plan $52.99/month for accessing 20+ apps of Adobe. 

Pros of Adobe Photoshop:

  • Detailed tutorials for beginners and experienced users to comprehend the tool easily and apply it to your own image.
  • Provides lots of unique functions to edit and create designs that are more prominent than other tools.
  • Allows you to edit your designs on Adobe Photoshop on Ipad without difficulty.

Cons of Adobe Photoshop:

  • High price
  • Not easy to use for beginners
  • Requires a good hardware configuration to make sure the Adobe Photoshop app runs smoothly.

Adobe Premiere Pro

To make your contents diverse, it is indispensable to mention video. Video helps your brand to express the message or story visually and vividly. Again, here is another useful tool from Adobe enterprise – Adobe Premiere Pro. This tool was born for video editing and production.

It’s quite simple to edit videos with basic features by dragging and dropping, trimming videos, adding music or image, etc. Similar to Adobe Photoshop, you can find a set of tutorials for beginners or experienced users to grasp the way to use this tool.

Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to use this tool for free in 7 days, then the price is $20.99/month (only for individuals, not organizations). 

Pros of Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • Captions of videos can be generated automatically.
  • Easy to review and edit the video’s captions.
  • Effortlessly to add animated titles by choosing the available title templates.
  • Accessible to the sample music on Adobe Stock, from Epidemic Sound and Jamendo by searching keywords or moods of the video content, then find the suitable music that matches with your content’s vibe.
  • Simple to adjust the color of your video.

Cons of Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • High price
  • Quite hard for beginners who do not have video editing skills.
  • Requires a good configuration to make sure the Adobe Photoshop app runs smoothly.
  • Takes time to export the videos.


If you want to give a fresh breath to your content, a podcast is not a bad choice. Nowadays, when people are busy with their work and life, they are more likely to hear about news or information through podcasts. 

Headliner can help you to do that. You can easily create a podcast by selecting the available templates, dragging and dropping, etc. If you are not familiar with podcast production, it’s not a big deal because you can effortlessly create a podcast with this tool.

Headliner has 3 plans for users: a Free, Basic and Pro plan. The Basic Plan costs $7.99/month billed annually or $9.99 billed monthly. The price for the Pro Plan is $19.99/month billed yearly or $25.99 billed monthly

Pros of Headliner:

  • Easy to use.
  • High-quality exported podcast with 1080p.
  • Adding text animations.
  • Allowing users to insert additional audios, images, etc.
  • Different podcast sizes. You can find the optimal size for different social media platforms.
  • Displaying the waveform to signal the start of the podcast, and grab the attention of the audience

Cons of Headliner:

  • There aren’t many podcast templates.
  • The designs of those templates are not appealing enough to make you “WOW”, but it is still useful to generate some basic podcasts.

Final thoughts

Finding the right tools to assist you with content creation takes time, so we recommend that you try the free trial of some tools. Then, you’ll have a clear insight into what that tool is about, the pros and cons of each tool based on your experience and so on. In the end, you can find out the tools that best suit your needs.

Creating valuable pieces of content in engaging formats can not be something taken for granted, but if you know exactly what to do, the task will become less daunting.

Need help with content creation? Bay Area’s content marketing professionals and experts are here to help. Don’t hesitate to drop us a message.

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